Executive Officer - White Plains, NY (1998-2004)

Responsible for carrying out the policies and administrative procedures of Mayor Delfino and the Common Council in a City government with a $100 million budget and  

over 900 employees.  Duties included providing oversight and direction to the City’s  

20 department heads, negotiating agreements with developers and government

agencies, providing advice on short-term and long-term policy, organizational and 

administrative matters.

   Selected City Accomplishments: 

•City’s economic development initiative led to over $600 million of new investment in the City and key improvements to the downtown.

•Resolved a 20-year-old problem known as the “Hole in the Ground Saga”

that resulted in the revitalization of an abandoned site at the City’s gateway.

•Negotiated a complex public/private agreement between the City and private sector which resulted in the development of a $300 million movie theater,   

retail, and residential complex in the heart of downtown White Plains.

•Made significant changes in the area of technology, including major systems overhauls in a number of departments.

•Negotiated an agreement between the City and Westchester County for a

lakefront park, the first of its kind in White Plains.

•Developed a variety of new programs including CyberSeniors, the Digital Divide Initiative, Access White Plains and the Clean Streets Initiative.

White Plains Mayor Joseph Delfino (R)

Council President Thomas Roach (D)

Councilman Glen Hockley (D)

County Legislator Thomas Abinanti (D)

County Legislator Lois Bronze (D)

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