City Manager - Fort Lauderdale, Fl. (2004-2010)

Responsible for carrying out the policies of a five member City Commission and managing the daily operations of the City government with a $600 million budget and a staff of 2,600.   

Selected Accomplishments:   

Led the City Out of a Financial Crisis

•Restored City’s finances after a damaging financial crisis had left them with no reserves, a major insurance deficit, loss of services, downgraded bond ratings, an employee exodus, and general public dissatisfaction.

•Grew the undesignated fund balance to largest in City history.

•Eliminated insurance deficit and built a $10 million surplus.

•City bond rating upgraded and ranked among the best of Florida’s largest cities.

•Reduced tax rate to lowest level since 1985.

•Property taxes rank amongst lowest in Broward County.

•Negotiated historic pension reform with general employees that will save the City in excess of $100 million.

Improved Development Standards

•Oversaw a major community-wide effort involving over 2,000 residents to ensure that future development in the City is better controlled and more compatible with surrounding neighborhoods.

•Completed a number of master plans that set new guidelines to improve the quality of future development in the City.

•Long-term vision has been established for major areas in the City such as the downtown, riverfront, beach, and commercial corridors.

Enhanced Quality of Life

•Since 2006, Fort Lauderdale has enjoyed its lowest crime rate in over 30 years.

•Property crimes reached their lowest levels in over 30 years.

•Proactive Code Enforcement Effort initiated to help beautify the City.

•Individual performance measures for code inspectors now in effect that measure productivity, responsiveness and efficiency.

•Implemented new noise ordinance to address complaints from residents.

•Strengthened City codes to hold code violators more accountable and speed up the process for compliance.

•Raised standards on cleanliness of roads and sidewalks and improved procedures to address issues such as graffiti and illegal dumping.

Modernized City Infrastructure

•Oversaw the largest capital improvement effort in the City’s history.

•More than $500 million in improvements to City’s water and sewer systems were made.

oConstructed 100 miles of sewer, or about 80% of the new sewers to be constructed under the modernization program.

oExpanded the City’s wastewater collection system by over 30%.

o6,500 new sewer connections are currently available.

oConstructed 60 miles of water mains.

oConstructed a new $26 million water treatment plant.

oReplaced 42 wastewater pumping stations.

oRehabilitated 49 wastewater pumping stations.

oCompleted $20 million in improvements at wastewater treatment plant. 

oCompleted 45 miles of sanitary sewer re-lining.

•Over $110 million in capital improvement projects were completed including the construction of:

oFive new fire stations

oA cemetery administration building.

oNew City parks. 

•Upgraded City beaches and tourist areas.

Implemented Green Initiatives

•City fleet operation is a zero waste generator due to recycling initiatives.

•Implemented water conservation ordinance.

•All City marinas designated “Clean Marinas” from Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection, a designation reserved for only 10% of Florida’s 2,000 marinas.

•Added 42 acres to City’s open space inventory.

•74% of the City’s multi-space parking meters are solar powered.

•Strengthened tree ordinance to protect tree canopy.

•Conducted audit process to research current usage of resources and respective efficiencies/inefficiencies and document rate of waste generation.

Overhauled Emergency Management Operation

•Coordinated City response to 5 hurricanes including Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma and several tropical storms.

•Completed construction of new Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

•Significantly improved City’s ability to be self sufficient in the aftermath of a disaster including establishment of Rapid Impact Assessment Teams (RIAT), GIS mapping, Debris Removal Plan, Points of Distribution (POD) Sites, and the purchase of mobile tanker trucks, refrigerated vans, and a cache of traffic control devices.

•Implemented Departmental Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).

•Restructured Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Program and expanded community participation.

•Expanded staff training/exercising in Incident Command System (ICS), Crisis Communication, Points of Distribution (POD) Team, and EOC Training.

City Awards

•Blue Wave Award – Clean Beaches Council

•Clean Marina Designation – Florida Department of Environmental Protection

•Park of the Year – Racquet Sports Industry Magazine

•Tree City USA – Arbor Day Foundation

•Ranked #3 of “100 Best Government Fleets” in North America – Government Fleet Magazine

•Crystal Award for National Fleet Certification – Fleet Counselor Services, Inc

•Achievement of Excellence in Procurement – National Purchasing Institute

•Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting – GFOA

•Distinguished Budget Presentation Award – GFOA

•Best Civil Project of 2008 – Southeast Construction Magazine

•Broward Utility of the Year – Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators

•Distribution System of the Year Award – American Water Works Association

•Community Airport of the Year - FDOT

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle - 2009

Fort Lauderdale Powerpoint Presentation

Fort Lauderdale Presentation